Xstreamripper for Mac OS X

Xstreamripper for Mac OS X

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  • Version: 1.14

Save online radio broadcasts to Mac

Ever wanted to save radio broadcasts directly onto your hard disk? Xstreamripper for OS X can do the job for your in a few simple clicks.

Xstreamripper integrates with your internet connection so that whenever it detects a radio stream, it immediately springs into action. To initiate recording you simply click on "Start". Xstreamripper then proceeds to store the songs in MP3 format - there's nothing much more to it than that.

Most recently, the developers have added a configuration file for stored settings, the ability to run the windows GUI application without running Winamp, and a new experimental silence detection method. This feature however can cause several problems - if there's a delay or pause in your broadcast, Xstreamripper can stop recording meaning you end up with nothing.

Xstreamripper is a great solution for Mac radio fans that want to store their favourite radio broadcasts for later listening or sharing with others.


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Records directly to Mp3 form


  • Silence reduction feature works erratically

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Xstreamripper for Mac OS X


Xstreamripper for Mac OS X 1.14

User reviews about Xstreamripper for Mac OS X

  • William Seneshen

    by William Seneshen

    It has been absolutely sensational, but now it no longer works in the Catalina 64-bit-only environment. I am shattered. I've been huntiMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    No real .
    I downloaded the StreamripperX (older version) and really like it except for the fact that I can't remember how I transMore

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